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A Message from CEO Dave Ketterer

There’s always some shiny latest and greatest technology currently eating up everyone’s attention these days. They generate a lot of buzz and chatter, and you see a lot of business owners wondering, “Should we get that?”

The right answer is often “no.” But not many IT companies will tell you that.

I make a point to do thorough research on any technology solutions I come across, so I can help my clients determine whether or not their business really needs that shiny new toy. Sometimes they do! More often, it would mostly be an expensive way to revamp a service they’re already getting perfectly from their existing technology.

Our motto is to find the right technology for the right purpose, at the right price. We design our solutions around the needs of the customer instead of forcing their business to fit into our technology.

To get the right fit for our clients, we sit down and listen to their business needs first and then put together options to choose from. There are a wide range of potential solutions out there, and we want to find the ones that best fit a business’ needs, budget, and goals.

That’s why we don’t have cookie-cutter service at CD’s IT Consulting. We try and work as much as we can with a business’ existing technology to minimize their IT expenses. We are definitely not your typical IT company with an “our technology or we won’t work with you” type mentality.

So ultimately, the point of this message is that we want you to tell us what YOU want. We’re the experts, and we’ll find the options that best fit your needs, but in order to give you best possible service, we need to know what results you want to see. Tell us your wishlist, and we’ll do the rest.

Dave Ketterer
CD’s IT Consulting

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