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Indianapolis IT For Financial Services

Realize the Potential of Your Technology

To offer the best possible service to your clients, you’ve got to have a solid foundation of information technology. That’s been true since we were using abacuses to make math easier.

CD’s IT Consulting can help your Indianapolis financial services business realize just how far today’s information technology can take you. Curious? Read on to learn more, or give us a call at (317) 522-1362 to talk directly to us about what IT opportunities we have in store for YOUR business.

Stabilize Your Security & Keep Your Clients Safe

We’ll implement the right network and email security as well as backups and disaster recovery to ensure that your clients’ vital data is always safe and sound.

  • We protect YOUR security by ensuring you’re compliant with regulations you might face, like FISMA, HIPAA, or PCI.
  • Secure record keeping, automated backups, and policy-based automation all contribute to a safer technology experience for you, your staff, and your clients.

Realize the Value in Planning Ahead for Your Technology

There’s no season more critical for a financial services business than tax season, and that’s always when technology starts to act up, of course. That’s why we plan ahead and implement proactive IT solutions to stop problems before they start.

  • We’re focused on maintenance, planning, upgrades, and monitoring to minimize any disruption to your business.
  • We also provide support for a variety of financial software, including QuickBooks and Sage.

Mobilize Your Technology to Improve Collaboration & Productivity

Your data is the most valuable resource you have. You’ve got to mobilize that resource in order to truly leverage its potential.

  • Our cloud services offer easy access to your important files and applications whenever and wherever you need them.
  • Share your workloads, easily send data to your clients, and free yourself from the desk.

CD’s IT Consulting is all about strategic thinking when it comes to IT for Indianapolis financial services businesses. We’re ready to help you change the way you think about how technology affects your productivity, effectiveness, and bottom line.

Make us prove it. Contact us today at (317) 522-1362 or connect@cdsitconsulting.com to schedule a no-obligation review of your business systems and see how different it can be.

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