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Client Story of Success

CD’s IT Consulting Helps the Indiana Soybean Alliance Go Back to Working on Soybeans Instead of the Office Server!

The Indiana Soybean Alliance (ISA) is a statewide organization that serves soybean farmers. The ISA is recognized by the Secretary of the US Department of Agriculture as a Qualified State Soybean Board to manage the Indiana Soybean Checkoff Program, which is designed to fund research, promotion, and educational programs that improve the production of soybeans. When the ISA was looking to focus on their strategic objectives, instead of tracking down IT issues, they knew they had to find an IT support company to help them out!

As a statewide organization that exists to improve the viability of soybean farmers and their industry partners, the ISA strives to make the most of their time while focusing on strategic objectives; and as a result, their information technology must be reliable and secure for optimal collaboration and communication.

The Situation: Persistent, Frustrating IT Issues Impacting Their Ability to Focus on Strategic Objectives

The ISA has 20 employees in its office, whom handle everything from market development in the US and abroad, to scientific research and partnering with other organizations. When their office server goes down, or their email doesn’t work, or the Internet connection isn’t sufficient, they’re unable to focus on strategic objectives. Greg Noble, Chief Operating Officer at the ISA, explained, “at times, we were spending far too much time tracking down IT issues that took away from our strategic objectives.”

Similar to many small to mid-size businesses, the ISA has enough employees to require some fairly robust technical infrastructure in the office, but it’s not large enough to warrant having a dedicated IT staff to manage it. As their business demands continued to evolve, the ISA needed to commit more resources to front line program work, however, they didn’t have enough resources for internal operations and infrastructure.

The Resolution: An IT Support Company to Handle Everything IT-Related While Improving Operational Efficiencies

After reviewing their business IT system and staff needs, the ISA began to search for an IT support company that could manage the needs of their staff while improving business operations. Once they researched the market and compared options; CD’s IT Consulting proved to be the best choice! After a thorough review and assessment, CD’s IT Consulting discovered multiple problems and resolved them by:

  • Downsizing their complicated network, then streamlining the configurations to enable simplified access for employees.
  • Replacing their old data backup system with a far more reliable solution while ensuring continuous monitoring to keep their data safe.
  • Consolidating all of their programs/files from two servers into one to retire the older server and run all applications on a single configuration.
  • Installing an enterprise-grade WiFi network to keep them connected in a reliable manner with much faster speed.

Now, the ISA benefits from all of their business IT systems working in harmony with far fewer interruptions. Plus, their important data is safe and secure against unauthorized access, loss, or theft! Greg offered some insight, “Guests in our office are pleased with the strength of the WiFi service! The ISA generally spends a lot more of it’s time advancing the work of the soybean industry, and a lot less time trying to be IT mechanics.”

He continued, “CD’s IT Consulting has improved our overall operating efficiency with the system configuration. They’ve set up controls that will provide alerts to problems, in many cases prior to staff seeing and reporting the issue. They’ve worked to understand our business and provide solutions that remove our concerns in terms of IT.”

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