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How Your Technology Affects Your Indianapolis Business?

How much do you rely on your technology?

Your information technology is the beating heart of your business’ productivity. It’s how you store and share information, get daily tasks completed, and connect with the people who matter to your business. Because you rely on that technology to keep your business going, you’ve got to know it’s always going to be at its best.

CD’s IT Consulting stands ready to STABILIZE the technology your Indianapolis business runs on. That means keeping your networks and emails secure, ensuring you’re protected against unexpected disasters, and thinking proactively to stop IT issues before they start.

Stabilize Your Business’ Security

Have you thought about how valuable your data is? Doesn’t have to be financial or confidential information – think of how much damage a cybercriminal could do with access to passwords and client information to commit identity theft. Our Network & Email Security locks down your systems so you can’t be exploited.

  • Vulnerability assessments to find any weak points that could be exploited by hackers, and help us know where you need improved security.
  • Email and network security protocols like anti-spam, anti-virus, firewalls, password settings, and user authentication.
  • 24/7 remote monitoring to scan your systems looking for potential problems and alert us so we can take care of it.

Stabilize Your Business’ Future

Any business can be struck by disaster. It doesn’t have to be something as devastating as a flood or a fire – it could be as simple as an accidentally deleted file. Our Backup and Business Continuity solution prepares your business to weather any disaster, big or small, so you can always keep working.

  • Regular backups of all your systems; not just your files, but your applications and settings too.
  • Backups saved in the cloud along with your hosted system, so you never have to worry that anything is lost because office equipment is damaged.
  • Planning and strategy to prepare for quick recovery in the face of any disaster, so you can immediately get back to work.

Stabilize Your Business’ Servers

We understand how vital a server is to a modern business. It’s how you share the technology that lets your employees work together (and work at all!). But servers eat up a lot of time and energy to maintain. Our Server Management service relieves you of the burden, letting you focus on what’s important.

  • 24/7 monitoring of your key infrastructure, including servers, routers, switches, and firewalls.
  • Regular proactive maintenance of your servers to keep speeds up and minimize potential problems before they can disrupt your business.
  • Freed time for internal IT staff who can focus on your important day-to-day technological needs, rather than server maintenance.

Its time to stabilize the information technology that your business relies on. CD’s IT Consulting is all about strategic thinking when it comes to IT for Indianapolis business. We’re ready to help you change the way you think about
how technology affects your productivity, effectiveness, and bottom line.

Make us prove it. Contact us today at (317) 522-1362 or davek@cdsitconsulting.com to schedule a no-obligation review of your business systems and see how different it can be.

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