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Realize the Value in Streamlined Technology

Do you have a clunky old server that eats up space, power, and maintenance hours? How about computers bogged down with too much software, running so slow they can’t keep up with your needs? Our Virtualization Services are the solution.

  • Virtual computing environments that replace servers or hefty desktops, running faster, more efficiently, and with fewer costs.
  • Easily and safely accessed from outside the office via the Internet, so you can work anytime, anywhere.
  • Customized and focused on the applications and storage space that YOU need, and nothing more, so it’s streamlined, flexible, and cost-effective.

CD’s IT Consulting can help you REALIZE how much time and money your Indianapolis business can save by streamlining the technology you use every day. Read on to learn more, or contact us today at (317) 522-1362 or connect@cdsitconsulting.com to talk about how a virtualized system will impact your business.

What Virtualization Is, and Why It’s Worth It

There are a lot of systems that businesses use in technology: servers, desktops, storage, applications… you name it. Virtualization takes all the hardware that runs these systems and turns it into data that any computer can run, so you don’t have to have that clunky old server in the back room or a desktop full of installed applications you can only access in the office. That creates a lot of benefits that any business can appreciate.

  • Consolidated servers & applications you don’t have to maintain yourself, reducing operating expenses and opportunities for IT downtime.
  • A minimum of complex hardware for you to worry about, so you use less power and don’t waste time managing and using your infrastructure.
  • Policy-based automation on many routine tasks, carried out every day by a smart system that helps you stay compliant with regulations.
  • Built-in disaster preparedness with automated backups and easy remote access of not only your files, but everything inside your virtual system.
  • Improved security from automated updates to your systems and a lack of aging or shoddy hardware that could be exploited by cybercriminals.

What We Can Virtualize For You

With today’s technology, we can virtualize pretty much anything that you want to access when it comes to information technology:

  • Desktops: Offering remote access to specific parts of your systems without sacrificing security or performance.
  • Applications: Applying better availability, speed, and agility to your key business applications, ensuring efficiency and better disaster recovery.
  • Servers: Letting multiple operating systems run on one single physical server, giving you a more efficient, adaptive and easy-to-use server system.
  • Storage: Giving you the benefits in space-efficiency and performance that come with better storage layers without the need of additional hardware.
  • Networks: Simulating the benefits and guarantees of a physical network but applying the innovative efficiency and speed of virtualization.

CD’s IT Consulting is all about strategic thinking when it comes to IT for Indianapolis businesses. We’re ready to help you change the way you think about how technology affects your productivity, effectiveness, and bottom line.

Make us prove it. Contact us today at (317) 522-1362 or connect@cdsitconsulting.com to schedule a no-obligation review of your business systems and see how different it can be.

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