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Stabilize How Servers Affect Your Bottom Line

We understand how vital a server is to a modern business. It’s how you share the technology that lets your employees work together (and work at all!). But servers eat up a lot of time and energy to maintain. Our Server Management service relieves you of the burden, letting you focus on what’s important.

  • 24/7 monitoring of your key infrastructure, including servers, routers, switches, and firewalls.
  • Regular proactive maintenance of your servers to keep speeds up and minimize potential problems before they can disrupt your business.
  • Freed time for internal IT staff who can focus on your important day-to-day technological needs, rather than server maintenance.

CD’s IT Consulting stands ready to STABILIZE the servers that your Indianapolis business relies upon every day. Read on to learn more, or contact us today at (317) 522-1362 or connect@cdsitconsulting.com to talk about how we can create a plan for protecting your servers against potential problems.

Collaboration With Your IT Staff

Many businesses employ an IT technician who’s constantly bogged down managing servers and putting out fires. We can take the burden of server management off their shoulders so they can focus on finding better technology solutions to improve your business.

  • We monitor your servers to check for potential problems. If it’s something simple, we just take care of it remotely and inform you afterward. If it’s major, we’ll immediately alert you and work together to fix the problem.
  • We offer flexible options to determine just how much we do and just how much your own IT technicians do. We can completely take over your servers, or we can simply monitor and advise. Whatever works best for you.

Proactive Solutions to Minimize Disruptions

We’re experts when it comes to saving time. Why? Because we think ahead.

  • Regular maintenance and updates for your servers to check for potential bugs and eliminate security vulnerabilities before they affect you.
  • Planning for replacement of aging technology to ensure you’re not bogged down by slow and malfunctioning old servers.

CD’s IT Consulting is all about strategic thinking when it comes to IT for Indianapolis businesses. We’re ready to help you change the way you think about how technology affects your productivity, effectiveness, and bottom line.

Make us prove it. Contact us today at (317) 522-1362 or connect@cdsitconsulting.com to schedule a no-obligation review of your business systems and see how different it can be.

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