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Client Story of Success

A Local Insurance Company Required a Reliable, Secure Network Without Downtime. CD’s IT Consulting Provided This, and Much More!

A local independent insurance company that has served businesses in the Indianapolis area since 1909. Today, they rely on their computers, network and IT solutions to quote, issue, and endorse customized insurance policies for their many clients.

The Problem

They needs reliable, secure IT capabilities so they can download confidential client data into their IT management system. Their line-of-business application, housed on their local server, was constantly locking up and creating problems with their workstations. Over time, as application updates were applied, the problem worsened.

A team member explains, explains:

The server kept shutting down or freezing. This kicked our workstations off the network. When this became a weekly issue, we contacted our old IT company for help. They would send out techs, but never the same one twice. So with each visit, we’d have to troubleshoot from the beginning. This happened repeatedly. We spent several thousands of dollars on labor costs, and without any type of resolution.

The Solution

The local insurance company was referred to C.D.’s IT Consulting:

C.D.’s IT Consulting was recommended by our sister agency. Dave came to our office, and, miraculously, within a short period of time, he resolved the problem! He upgraded our server; and when he saw that we were still using Windows XP, he recommended that we upgrade, due to security issues. This was the first time we’d heard this from anyone, and he was right!”

According To Dave:

Along with upgrading the insurance company’s operating system we:
• Replaced a malfunctioning hard drive,
• Installed a new HP Proliant Server, and
• Moved their email to our hosted Exchange with spam filtering to ensure complete security and reliability.”

The Result

The insurance company IT operations now function smoothly and securely. Bonnie and her team were extremely pleased!

Now that their new server is in place, their line of business application performs as expected. Staff email usage is more efficient and secure, with greater uptime due to the rich features of MS Exchange powered by Intermedia.

an employee of the insurance company exclaimed:

We don’t often change IT providers, but we’re very happy that we changed to C.D.’s IT. There was no sales pitch from them—Only solutions. In fact, Dave was so respectful of our situation that he didn’t pressure us at all. This really impressed us. He knew what he was doing, and what we needed. And he was so professional in his delivery of advice, that we felt completely comfortable with his recommendations. In addition, their hourly charges for service are less than the totally incompetent techs we used previously! By far, C.D.’s IT is the best IT support company we have ever used! I highly recommend them, and shout loudly to all who will hear—You can totally depend on C.D.’s IT for all your IT support needs!”

If you’re looking for an IT Provider you can depend on—One who delivers what you need and more, contact C.D.’s IT Consulting LLC. To see more efficient, productive technology for your Indianapolis business, call us at (317) 522-1362 or send an email to connect@cdsitconsulting.com today.

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