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Mobilize Your Email to Take Work With You

We know your email is the cornerstone of your communications network. Our Hosted Exchange email solution frees your email from the office so it’s easy to customize to your every need.

  • Fast, secure, and simple email services.
  • No need for an in-office server that eats up time and money with maintenance, power, and upgrade fees.
  • Easy access via the cloud on any Internet-enabled device, anytime, anywhere.

CD’s IT Consulting’s Hosted Exchange email solution helps you MOBILIZE your email to free your Indianapolis business from the desk. Read on to learn more, or contact us today at (317) 522-1362 or connect@cdsitconsulting.com to talk about how your business can benefit from a cloud email solution.

Easy Access for Better Productivity

Your Hosted Exchange email service is based in the cloud, and means it’s the most convenient email service you could get.

  • 24/7 universal access for all your emails, contacts, and calendars via the cloud, easily and automatically synced across all your devices, with multi-platform support for Windows, Apple, Android, and more.
  • User-friendly interfaces on your desktops and devices, so your emails are easy to organize, sort, and search through.

Flexibility and Savings

We handle all the heavy lifting when it comes to Hosted Exchange, and we make sure you get the right options to fit your unique needs.

  • No need for an in-office server that eats up time and money with maintenance, power, and upgrade fees.
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing by customizing your service to your unique needs, such as number of users and size and scope of service.
  • Need more storage or user access? Easily done. Need to scale back down? That’s easy too. It fits your needs.

Peace of Mind with Greater Security

We understand how valuable the data you keep in your email is. That’s why we offer the highest levels of cloud security for Hosted Exchange.

  • Built-in disaster recovery from automated backups for your files and emails, and security from anything that could damage in-office equipment.
  • Multiple layers of security from data loss prevention, rights management, and encryption, as well as greater controls over who can access what information on your systems.

CD’s IT Consulting is all about strategic thinking when it comes to IT for Indianapolis businesses. We’re ready to help you change the way you think about how technology affects your productivity, effectiveness, and bottom line.

Make us prove it. Contact us today at (317) 522-1362 or connect@cdsitconsulting.com to schedule a no-obligation review of your business systems and see how different it can be.

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